Nika-Tera sea port:

Distance from Yuzhnyi p/s to Nika-Tera Port equals to 54 miles.

Vessels’ restrictions dimensionwise:

  • LOA – 215m
  • Breadth moulded – 32.5m
  • Draft – 10.3m (10.5m draft may be granted depending on weather/water level conditions).

For vessels exceeding above dimensions pls apply in advance.

Draft restrictions along the piers:

  • pier #1 – 9.8 m,
  • pier #2,3,10 – 10.3 m,
  • pier #4 – 10.0 m.

Pilotage restrictions:

  • LOA >187m or draft >10m=10.3m – assisting tugboat required along BDL channel any time,
  • Draft >10.3 = 10.5m – assisting tugboat required along BDL channel/daytime sailing only,
  • LOA = any and draft > 8m – assisting tugboat required along BDL channel at dark time commencing since 1500lt,
  • Pilotage is obligatory,
  • Tugboats usage obligatory on mooring/unmooring operations.

Nika-Tera Sea Port General Information

  • Specification And Facilities

    Port waters (operational water area and approach channel) cover 741,691 sq. m. Coastal part of’ port – 494,588 sq. m. Total length of the berthing line is 1,010 m. Vessels of CH-70, – 50, – 25. – 15 types be accommodated there. The throughput capacity of the port totals 8M t per year. The cargo turnover in 2012 amounted to 3.86M t.

    The port renders services as follows:

    • warehouse operations with cargoes;
    • transshipment of cargoes to seaborne transport from other transport modes and vice-versa.

    Loading and unloading operations in the port are carried out at three complexes (cargo areas); each of them is specialized in handling of the special type of cargo:

    • complex for handling of indoor storage mineral fertilizers (bulk);
    • complex on handling of bulk (open-air: storage), general cargoes;
    • grain complex;
    • berths for accommodation of tankers.
  • Navigational Information

    Coordinates: Latitude 46°51’00″N, Longituat 3r59’00″E. The approach channel and harbourage are marked with light buoys, frontal entry range signs. The terminal admits vessels of 215 m length and 35 m width. Announced draft at berths Nos. 2, 3, 10 makes 10.3 m, at berth No. – 10.0 m (in fresh water). Vessel’s speed within the water area is 4 knots. The anchorages situated at the bell-mouth, are designed for river-sea type vessels. Anchorage No. 363 is predestined for seagoing vessels. Ships bunkering is provided upon request.