Maritime Agency “Atlas” is ready to develop new projects as well as to provide professional service by experienced staff from simple advice to:

  • Agency service

    Agency service – with protecting and sub-agency services in Ukrainian ports, which include full range of pre-arrival, arrival, cargo-handling/port-staying and departure arrangements and formalities for vessels under foreign and national flag along with reliable and highly experienced assistance from agency side operating as connecting link between owners, charterers, shippers/receivers and port authorities.
    Apart from above in-port vessels maintenance and vessel’s survey arrangements, bunkering, crew change assistance and vessels’ attendance formalities, additional stevedoring/tallying/separation/lashing/unlashing services, pre-loading/pre-discharging survey/ullaging and ship chandler’s services, ets… are to be considered as standard part of agency service.

  • Chartering service

    Chartering service provides suitable tonnage vessels’ chartering and post-fixture services along with informative assistance on vessels tracking and deviations, monitoring of cargo-handling operations, timely liaison with agency/forwarding service providers and acting as intermediate link between owners, charterers and shippers/receivers along with coordination of changes and additional agreements required between owners, charterers and port authorities for smooth completion of vessels voyage.

  • Cargo forwarding service

    Cargo forwarding service – interlinks railway/truck shore, in-port cargo handling and river/sea transportation along with paper/certificates arrangements and cargo custom clearance for import/export general, bulk, liquid and containerized shipments. The most convenient port along with most efficient cargo handling and open/covered storage facilities, required surveys and quickest agreement conclusions will be offered to suit your request. All time monitoring and highly experienced assistance from forwarding team operating as connecting link between all parties involved during transportation and cargo handling operation process are to be considered as standard part of forwarding service.

  • Ship repairs/maintenance

    Ship repairs/maintenance- in-dock shipbuilding yard maintenance/repairs along with in-port quick maintenance/repairs in order to complete the voyage are provided by certified specialists covering electric, electronic and mechanical equipment, providing diving and underwater welding service, spare parts and required appliances delivery arrangements along with in-place assembling/installation, ets…

    and additional arrangements:

  • • Surveys
  • • Ship chandler service/supply
  • • Brokerage service

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